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Classes Offered

We aim to be a One Stop Shop for our customers. If you don't see it here, just ask us.

CHL Classes and Instruction

We pride ourselves on our CHL Classes; we are certified by The State of Texas. We offer CHL classes in the DFW, Texas area for both men and women. So why would you want to get a CHL? The answer is clear, it is your right as a law abiding citizen to protect yourself. Our courses help you understand the laws, teach safe handling, and ensure you meet the state requirement for obtaining your Texas CHL. We will walk you through all the steps needed to obtain your license and ensure you walk away a confident and protected citizen.

If you are a husband and wife or maybe a group of friends, we can train you to safely use firearms. We also teach a women only class and if you need one on one training we will spend the time with you at the range to ensure you're 100% comfortable in the event that you need to protect yourself. Since our CHL Classes are in the Dallas Fort Worth area we can meet you at a range near your home.

Do you have a men's/women’s club and want to train a large group? We will make the arrangements necessary to ensure you leave feeling comfortable and confident knowing you can protect yourself.

Once you complete your Texas CHL certified course you will be able to protect yourself and those around you. In our course we will also teach how to be more aware of your surroundings, spot possible bad situations, how to diffuse conflicts and most of all ensure you are competent with your firearm. Since we are a Fully Licensed FFL DFW Guns and Ammo dealer we can also help find the right firearm for your level of experience. We look at hand size, controllability, concealment, and most of what feels comfortable with you. You will become a well prepared individual who can be proactive in just about any situation, you will be trained to act in a safe and competent manner without becoming a victim. It is vital that you present yourself in a manner that prevents danger to others or yourself. Remember, as responsible CHL holder, your family will be protected as well as those around you.

We offer the following classes:

Firearm Sales

We are a FFL'd leader in DFW area of Texas. If you want a specific type of gun, any firearm we can get it. If you can't find it, we will and you'll find that our prices are the best. Priced right, Excellent customer service and solid staff make us your prefferred DFW Guns and Ammo dealer that will make you happy. Check out our Authorized Dealer section.


Wow! Where do we start? Well you can start anywhere. You name the ammo you want and we will get it, no matter how weird the request. We will get you the best price possible.

Bulk Ammo - In this day and age it seems like everybody is stressed over changes in the government and restrictions on ammo. Or maybe you have a hunting club and want a bulk order for the group. We cater to everyone. If you have a hunting lease and even if everyone shoots a different caliber we can compile your full order into one shipment at an extremely low price. We focus on US manufactures because it ensures quality and consistency. Plus who wants to shoot ammo that is corrosive on your valued firearm? If you need one caliber and want cases to ensure years of shooting at today's prices www.WeGotAmmo.com will ensure you get the best price on quality ammunition. You pick the caliber and the quantity and we will get you the best price on the market, the more you buy the better the discount. We serve law enforcement agencies, private/public clubs, and personal purchases. All our ammo sales are kept private. Call us or shoot us an email.